Corrugated nails can be applied to various types of wood

Corrugated nails can be applied to various types of wood

Dec 16, 2019

Corrugated nail products have better applicability and better performance, so their application range is quite wide. Especially in the process of home improvement is even more popular. But then we will have a certain problem is that there are more types of products, so how should we choose the most suitable, in fact, when we make a choice, it is best to be based on our actual Need to make a choice.

1. During home decoration, we mainly use wood and wall surface, so when we fix the wood and wall surface, the best choice is steel nail products.

2. When we are fixing between woods, because the surface of the wood is often painted on the surface, we choose the galvanized corrugated nails, which can be directly absorbed into the wood.

3. The decoration can not be avoided. If you need to add or remove the wall, then in some fiberboards and plasterboards, you need to choose collar nails, edges have blades, and the fixing effect is good. Corrugated nails: used to connect wood components, and fix asbestos tiles and plastic tiles.

4. In the decoration of furniture, it is difficult to control the fixing effect of straight nails when cloth or soft materials are fixed. Therefore, we will use decorative nails with flat nail heads. The nail heads have various colors and are beautiful.