How to make decoration without nail holes

How to make decoration without nail holes

Dec 19, 2019

1. Liquid nail, also called nail-free glue, is a multifunctional building structure strong glue with strong adhesion. Liquid nails have the following characteristics:

1.It can bond almost all building materials;

2, the bonding effect is firm and lasting;

3.Quick curing;

4, flexible, can move with the contraction of the building;

5, can be used for caulking;

6, will not shrink and sag after drying, can be coated with paint;

7. It is easy to use in cold and winter weather, and can even bond wet wood.

2. Putty paste is formulated with a small amount of lacquer base, a large number of fillers, and an appropriate amount of colored pigments. The pigments used are mainly iron red, carbon black, and chrome yellow. The filler is mainly calcium bicarbonate, talc and the like. It can fill the working surface with local depressions, and it can also be scraped off on the entire surface, usually after the primer layer is dry, and then applied to the surface of the primer layer.