Share with you the main points of galvanized corrugated nails for house decoration

Share with you the main points of galvanized corrugated nails for house decoration

Dec 12, 2019

Indispensable in home improvement is nails, all kinds of nails will be purchased and used. However, it will also cause a lot of unnecessary troubles in the case of blind use. For example, improper use of it will leave a lot of pinholes on the wall, which will make the house that has not been renovated look awful. Beautiful and difficult to handle. Galvanized corrugated nail manufacturers share with you what kind of problems should be paid attention to in the decoration of the house to make the house more beautiful.

The current development speed of the construction industry is very fast. The first thing we need to do after buying a house is definitely the decoration. There are a lot of points of attention in the decoration of the house. The following is the nail manufacturer and everyone together Share some points on house renovation.

If you want to hang a picture frame on the wall, but the nails can't get in, and the white paint has dropped a lot. You can find a good place on the bearing wall to make a mark, and then tap the plum nail with a hammer, it can be easily nailed in. There is a small hook on the back of the nail for hanging pictures, which is very convenient and has good pull strength.

Nails have different models and can be purchased according to the size of the frame. As for light body walls, nails are not recommended for cement board and gypsum board to prevent the frame from falling. Remind the owner that if you want to hang large oil paintings on the light wall, you need to design it in advance and strengthen the light wall during decoration.

The heavier paintings hanging on the light body wall need to be fixed with steel screws through the screws. Hanging wooden couplets or relatively heavy plaques need to bury a mirror line in the wall in advance to ensure the load bearing capacity, or use a large core board to line the wall.