The effect of corrugated nails on fixed asbestos tiles is very good

The effect of corrugated nails on fixed asbestos tiles is very good

Dec 20, 2019

Asbestos is a silicate mineral fiber that is widely used in building material fireproof boards. Fire resistance and corrosion resistance are generally the best products for roof ceilings and heavenly baffles. It is also the only natural mineral fiber that is generally used. When paying attention to protect its fiber from cracking, it is usually fixed with corrugated nails.

When thinking about the construction of large-scale departments, some flat sheds, workshops, and sheds will use some asbestos tiles and plastic sheds for roofing and roof laying. Because these materials are cheaper in the market and more convenient to lay, this product is a fragile product. If it is improperly used or improperly fixed, it will cause incomplete laying and double the wind.

When using plastic products and asbestos tiles, we usually choose galvanized corrugated nails for fixing, which has the following advantages:

1. One-time fixation, galvanized corrugated nails fix plastic products and corrugated nails at one time, avoiding insecure fixing, which is bad due to repeated pull-out and nailing;

2. Made of carbon steel, galvanized surface, corrosion resistant, can be used for a long time;

3. High cost performance.

The corrugated nails currently on the market are a type of nails specifically used to fix asbestos tiles, and the market supply is also sufficient. Therefore, galvanized corrugated nails are the best nails for fixing plastic and asbestos products.

The use of asbestos tiles has gradually faded, but the use of corrugated nails is still in the ascendant. Corrugated nails will become more active in the market with the development of technology.