The specific use and operation of corrugated nails need to be understood

The specific use and operation of corrugated nails need to be understood

Dec 14, 2019

Corrugated nails are often used in our daily life, and it is one of the indispensable supplies at home. Therefore, some basic knowledge about corrugated nails is also increased. China is not only a big country that eats corrugated nails, but also The main country producing corrugated nails, the use of advanced production equipment and technology is the basis to ensure the co-existence of China's competition for production, China has become the world's largest exporter of hardware nail products. Then, for the purchase and use of some corrugated nails, China also has a certain summary. On the whole, we have given a summary of the main purchasing techniques and use techniques of corrugated nails.

The main main points of attention when selecting corrugated nails, in fact, when we choose, it is best to choose according to our actual needs, we will briefly introduce several common types.

One kind of home decoration is mainly wood and wall surface, then the best choice when we are fixing between wood and wall surface is steel nail products.

The other is when we are fixing between woods, because the surface of the wood is often painted on the surface, so we choose the galvanized corrugated nails, which can be directly absorbed into the wood. inside.

Another is that we need to fix some soft materials during home decoration. We can choose decorative nails with flat nail heads. The nail heads have various colors and are beautiful.

We can start from these aspects when using corrugated nails. For nailing depth: Generally, we can nail into concrete 20-30mm, brickwork is 30-50mm, and the thickness of the thin steel plate is relatively less, between 1-3.5mm; it is best to use wire pliers to house Percussion with steel nails, or nails on small wooden strips, and then nail into the collective. When holding the nails with your bare hands, you should prevent injury to your fingers.

Use a strong hammer (or hammer) when hitting. It is better to use a larger hammer (or hammer). The hitting force should be as small as possible. The last tapping should be deeper. ) For concrete, if necessary, drill a hole with a depth of 1 / 5-1 / 3 of the penetration depth of the nail; pay attention to grasp the strength when striking to prevent the nail from jumping. In simple text, We can learn the precautions for nail construction. There is still a lot of knowledge about nails. Xiaobian will continue to introduce them to you in the next days.

The above are some tips on corrugated nails popularized by Xiaobian today. We can use them to buy corrugated nails according to our needs. At the same time, don't forget the main tips of corrugated nails. .

In the nail market, corrugated nails have developed rapidly in the past few years and have quickly occupied the market. It is also increasingly used in home improvement. Not only has a certain market in China, but also a good sales abroad. Corrugated nails have some characteristics that ordinary nails do not have. What is correct is that it has strong rust resistance, so it is widely used in modern home decoration, which has opened its decoration market. Corrugated nails have many advantages beyond the above point.

According to the shape of the nail cap, it can be divided into parallel and circular corrugated nails. Due to the different design of the nail rod, there are light body, ring pattern, spiral and square. Buyers can purchase according to the different conditions of use. Or customize the corrugated nail style required to achieve the best fixation effect.

In modern furniture, the butt joints (the joined wooden boards are simply butted together, face to face, side to side or side to side, there is no self-fastening mechanism) are glued or fixed with corrugated nails. Dovetail joints rarely separate; if they do, pour adhesive into the loose joints and then hit the joints with a hammer to join them together. Butt joints are handled differently. If you want to tighten a loose butt joint, try to glue the joint with glue, and then tap it to make it join as firmly as possible.

A certain cracking phenomenon will be found when the general wooden furniture is used, and the surface can be fixed by using corrugated nails, so that the above phenomena will not occur in future use.

Corrugated nails are used a lot in our lives, so they can become hot products. Corrugated nails will be used more in the future, and corrugated nails will continue to be improved.