Analyzing The Quality Of Corrugated Nails Is The Core Of Market Competition!

Analyzing The Quality Of Corrugated Nails Is The Core Of Market Competition!

Dec 04, 2019

Corrugated nails can be divided into parallel and arc-shaped corrugated nails according to the shape of the nail cap. Due to the different design of the nail rods, there are light body, ring pattern, spiral and square. Buyers can according to the different conditions of use , Buy or customize the corrugated nail style needed to achieve the best fixation effect.

When renovating our new house, we need to pay attention to the nail structure. Usually we use nails. There are many sayings about using nails. Because there are many types of nails, different nails also have different methods of use.

The various nails during decoration may make it difficult for us to know how to use them. Let me introduce you to the tips of using various nails for home decoration:

1. During the decoration, when we want to fix the cloth and soft objects, the nails we generally use are flat nails, which can increase the beauty after fixing. Because the color of the nails on the nails is various All kinds, very nice.

2. During the decoration, we will inevitably perform some wall removal or addition works. If we want to nail on the cement and plaster mixed wall surface, we need to choose ring nails for installation. The fixing effect is good, and it is convenient to use.

3. We usually use wood and wall surface for decoration. When many wooden furniture is fixed to the wall, we need nails. At this time, steel nails are very suitable.

4. When we are renovating, we can also fix between wood and wood. After fixing, we have to paint it. In this way, when nailing, we must choose the appropriate nail for fixing and avoid painting Unsightly marks after painting. Thus affecting our decoration effect. At this time, we can choose to use nails for fixing, which leaves no traces, which is both beautiful and generous.