Corrugated Nails Have Gained Wide Development Space

Corrugated Nails Have Gained Wide Development Space

Dec 18, 2019

Galvanized corrugated nails can ensure that no corrosion occurs in a humid environment, and keep them as smooth as new, because the outer galvanized nails make the corrugated nails more practical. Corrugated nails are mostly galvanized. Zinc has strong anti-corrosion properties, and its anti-oxidation ability is hundreds of times stronger than iron. This inhibits the corrosion of nails, so corrugated nails will not fail after soaking water! Now the market has higher and higher requirements for corrugated nails.

According to the shape of the nail cap, it can be divided into parallel and circular corrugated nails. Due to the different design of the nail rod, there are light body, ring pattern, spiral and square. Buyers can purchase according to the different conditions of use. Or customize the corrugated nail style required to achieve the best fixation effect.