Many Advantages Of Corrugated Nails Have Been Recognized By Users

Many Advantages Of Corrugated Nails Have Been Recognized By Users

Dec 03, 2019

Hot-dip galvanizing is carried out in a state where zinc is also liquefied. Corrugated nails are placed in a liquefied zinc solution layer. At high temperatures, iron and zinc on the surface of the corrugated nails dissolve each other to form an alloy layer. With this time, the zinc ions on the surface layer slowly diffused into the iron, eventually covering all the paste, and the zinc solution layer on the surface will become a zinc layer after cooling.

Electrogalvanization uses galvanic and negative ions to galvanize the electrode. The positive and negative electrodes of the zinc solution in the liquefaction are connected to the negative electrode of the corrugated nail. The anions move to the positive electrode under the action of current. The corrugated nail itself is a steel body. Zinc and steel form a microbattery during electroplating. The corrugated nail steel body is protected by the cathode to form a plating layer.

The use of corrugated nails is fixed at one time. When we use corrugated nails, we fix things at one time, so that we don't have to worry about not being fixed, and repeatedly pulling out, which is not good for things. Also wasting materials. It is made of high-quality steel and has good corrosion resistance. Because its surface is zinc-plated, it has greatly increased its service life.

Corrugated nails have a very good effect when fixing certain things, and the quality of using them is very good, and it is the best nail for fixing things.

选择 Choose according to actual needs. We mainly use wood and wall surface for home decoration. The best choice for fixing wood and wall surface is steel nail products. When we are fixing between wood, because the surface of the wood is often painted on the surface, we choose the galvanized corrugated nails, which can be directly absorbed into the wood. Another is that we need to fix some soft materials during home improvement. We can choose decorative nails with flat nail heads. The nail heads have various colors and are beautiful.

From the above, it can be seen that corrugated nails are good connector products that we deserve to choose and use. Its anti-corrosion performance is recognized by many users, so it can be sold at home and abroad, especially in tropical countries.