The Characteristics Of Corrugated Nails Determine Its Dominance

The Characteristics Of Corrugated Nails Determine Its Dominance

Dec 20, 2019

Corrugated nails are special materials, they are made of galvanized or aluminum. Galvanized is a thin layer of steel or zinc added to the nail to prevent the nail from rusting, and aluminum is used for the same reason. The use of corrugated nails must be able to withstand years of wind and rain, so it must not be rusted. If rust will affect the life of the house, it will leave an ugly mark on the house.

Corrugated nails can be divided into parallel and arc-shaped corrugated nails according to the shape of the nail cap. Due to the different design of the nail rods, there are light body, ring pattern, spiral and square. , Buy or customize the corrugated nail style needed to achieve the best fixation effect.

Corrugated nails have a wide range of applications and excellent performance. It is very popular in home improvement. However, there are many types of corrugated nails. In actual use, they must be selected and used according to actual needs. Below, we list the effects of several types of nails for home improvement:

1. The home decoration is mainly wood and wall surface. When fixing furniture and wall surface, steel nails are the most suitable;

2. When the wood-to-wood link is fixed, it is usually necessary to spray paint on the surface of the wood. Then the nail is the most suitable. The nail can penetrate directly into the wood. Continue to decorate without affecting appearance;

3. In furniture decoration, to fix cloth or soft materials, the fixing effect of straight nails is difficult to control, so we will choose decorative nails with flat nail heads. The nail heads have various colors and are beautiful;

4. Home improvement can not avoid the addition or removal of the wall, then in the use of some fiberboard and gypsum board, choose collar nails, edges have blades, and the fixing effect is good.